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What is Coding?
Coding a car means customizing hidden features that are otherwise not available/accessible to you via your car controls. It also allows you to inform your car that certain features have been added after you retrofitted new parts, which is normally required for your new retrofitted parts to work correctly.
For example, with the BMW X3 series F25, the roll up the windows with the keyfob remote from the factory is not enabled. With coding, this feature can be enabled. Tired of the legal disclaimer on iDrive startup? It can be turned off with coding. ECUPROGRAM offers this service for your BMW.
Unleash the hidden codes to enable functions in your car. 
Convenience & Operational Options
☐ Close windows/sunroof with key fob
☐ Fold/unfold mirrors with key fob
☐ Open/Close liftgate with key fob/in-cabin button
☐ Auto unlock doors on key eject or engine off
☐ Set wipers to complete cycle when shutting off the car 
☐ Disable headlight washers
☐ Enable one-touch window operation with door open
☐ Disable seatbelt butler for driver and/or Passenger
☐ Set Auto Start/Stop to off by default - F series only
☐ Disable Active Sound Design (ASD) in - F series only


☐ Disable iDrive "Accept" screen
☐ Disable iDrive camera disclaimers
☐ Add/Remove weatherband radio
☐ Enable DVD/Video in Motion
☐ 8 buttons instead of 6 (uses Mode and AM/FM buttons)
☐ Enable Sport Display (HP and torque gauges) - F series only
☐ Enable PSI and Temperature in TPMS - F series only
☐ Increase message storage from 25 to 50 - F series only
☐ ///M startup splash screen - F series only
☐ Enable enhanced bluetooth (audio streaming, etc.)


☐ Disable corner led and ambers for PDC lights/headlights
☐ Enable double blink hazards for hazard button
☐ Disable DRL tail lights
☐ Disable auto dimming mirrors
☐ Disable cornering lights (E92 or E70)
☐ Angel eyes as day time running lights (E90 3/2007+ build)
☐ Enable rear fogs under normal braking
☐ Enable GTS brake force display

Gauge Cluster

☐ Enable ///M Digital speedometer
☐ Enable real-time MPG
☐ Adjust fuel reserve warning from 1/4 to 1/8 (M Cars)
☐ Enable ///M Performance start up screen - F series only 
☐ Disable key in ignition chime
☐ Disable seat belt chimes

Retrofit Options

☐ Aux input coding
☐ Disable EDC on M cars
☐ Disable RDC/TPMS for aftermarket wheels
☐ LCI lighting coding for front or rears
☐ Recaro or other race seat coding
☐ Alarm retrofit coding

Software Upgrades

☐ Euro SMG for BMW M5/M6 e60 - M3 e46
☐ Euro / Japanese DME Flashing 
☐ Alpina B3 for 6AT 335i 
☐ Euro DTC for ///M
☐ Factory software updates
2018 BMW Navigation MAP
North America for NBT and CIC (Local only)
BMW F-Series / MINI F-Series Coding
Ultimate Package (all codes you want)
BMW E-Series / MINI R56 Coding
Ultimate Package (all codes you want)
BMW / MINI DVD in Motion
only CIC and NBT modules
BMW Enhanced Bluetooth
for F-series with NBT/CIC
Remote Coding
All appointment start with the base price
Alpina B3 Transmission Software Upgrade
135i, 335i and X1 with 6AT only - E series
EURO SMG Software Upgrade
For BMW M5 e60 / M6 e63 / M3 e46
Euro / Japanese DME Software Upgrade 
For E-Series only
BMW F Series Codes List Download
Alpina B3
Transmission Flash
Available for: E9x 335i models (N54 or N55) - 135i e82 - X1 3.5i 
Build Dates: 3/2007 or newer
Requirements: 6AT (6 Speed Automatic transmission)
Benefits of the flash:
  • Faster and more responsive shifts
  • Faster paddle response
  • Faster launches
  • Improved rev-matching on downshifts
  • An overall improvement in every day driveability
  • Gauge cluster will show the gear (D1, D2, etc.) rather than just "D"
The B3 is the Alpina version of the European E9x 335i. The car has the same transmission as the 335i but uses a different software version with different settings. Because the transmission is the same and the software is OEM, it can be safely flashed to Northamerica cars to allow 335i owners to take advantage of the improved performance.
M3 e90/e92
Euro DCT Flash
Available for: E9x M3 models
Build Dates: All
Requirements: DCT
Benefits of the Euro flash:
  • DCT defaults to D2 and it remembers S mode (as opposed to defaulting in S3 and remembering D mode
  • Cold starts are improved and smoother
  • Cold up and down shifts are improved and smoother
The European M3 has the same DCT as the US M3, they just run different software versions. For many, having the DCT start in D2 is prefered over S3, since the car is cold and will be driven gently anyway. In addition, your preferred S setting will be remembered for when you're ready to switch to manual mode.
Note: Standard Euro software updates are also available.
M5 e60 M6 e63
Euro Flash
Available for: E6x M5/M6 models
Build Dates: All
Requirements: SMG
Benefits of the Euro SMG flash:
  • 4,000 rpm launch control with auto shift at red line in S6
  • Smoother and quicker shifts
The European M5/M6 has the same SMG but runs a different software version than the Northamerica models. The Euro software can be flashed directly to the cars without modification, and US owners can take advantage of the improved performance.
M3 e46 CSL SMG Flash
Available for: E46 M3 models
Build Dates: All
Requirements: SMG
Benefits of the M3 CSL flash:
  • 4,500 rpm launch control
  • Smoother, faster launches
  • Smoother, quicker shifting
The M3 CSL has the same SMG as the US car but runs a different software version. The CSL software can be flashed directly to the cars without modification, but it is important to understand that this will result in increased wear on the clutch. 
Performance Pack
The PPK increases the N55 engine's horsepower from 300 to 320hp (official factory quoted figures) on all models. Automatic transmission models will experience a +32 lb-ft peak torque increase (to 332 lb-ft), while manual transmission-equipped models benefit from a +17 lb-ft peak torque increase (to 317 lb-ft). 0-60mph acceleration is improved 0.2 seconds compared to standard 135i, 335i models, while 80-110 km/h times drop by a full half-second.
Only for cars with option code S840 - factory oil cooler & increased top speed limiter. Please check your BMWs option list before purchase. ZSP Cars include this option.
This item fits the following BMWs with N55 Engine: E82 BMW 135i, 2011-2012 E90 E92 E93  BMW 335i 335xi 335i xDrive - X1 3.5i