BMW M3 F80
The DODGE and JEEP factories maps stored in your ECU are compromised to allow for the sale of the vehicle throughout the world. They are programmed to take into consideration for the poor fuel quality, various altitudes and different emission requirements in numerous countries in which the NorthAmerican brand is sold.
Our tunes are developed in collaboration with renowned race engineers and tuners. Our Engine Control Unit (ECU) tuning results in the optimal balance of power, operational smoothness, reliability and driveability..
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3.0 Ecodiesel

Dodge RAM 1500 or Jeep CRD (2014+)   3.0L  V6 Turbo Diesel - 
ECU: EDC17CP79  Full OBD

Stage 1: 295 HP / 500 TQ
Stage 2: 310 HP / 530 TQ (Needs DPF, EGR and SCR deleted and/or Intake Swirl Flap) 

JEEP Cherokee 3.0 v6 CRD
DODGE RAM 1500 3.0 V6 EcoDiesel


2.0 16v Multijet

JEEP Cherokee 2.0 16v Multijet 
ECU: EDC17CP49  Full OBD

Stage 1: 185 HP / 430 nm TQ


Jeep CRD

ECU: EDC16+  Full OBD 
2.8L (2005-06) Stage 1: 190 HP / 330 lb-ft
3.0L (2007-08) Stage 1: 245 HP / 450 lb-ft 
We can do DPF / EGR disabled. 
 Turbo Diesel - Grand Cherokee CRD


Dodge Sprinter CDI

ECU: EDC16+  Full OBD
Stage 1:  175 HP / 300 lb-ft TQ
Stage 2:  205 HP / 350 lb-ft TQ
Dodge Sprinter (2007–2010) with Mercedes-Benz Engine OM642


DTC Delete

Need to disable a DTC code because of upgraded parts such DPF removal, Intake Swirl Flap removal, EGR disable, Adblue/SCR disabled etc.  We can disable Pxxxx codes. 

From $250

ECUPROGRAM offers the optimal solution for these performance restricting issues and has developed ECU Tuning Software performance software revisions maximizing power, torque and driveability whilst still retaining the full longevity of the power-plant engine.